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Non-governmental organisations on Mafia Island

A number of foreign aid agencies have in the past or are currently providing aid to projects on Mafia. These include governmental agencies such as NORAD (Norwegian Aid Agency - and DFID (Department for International Development of the UK -, both of which have given support to the Marine Park: In addition, many NGOs have provided or still provide funding, training or other forms of support, including the following:

  • The World Wildlife Fund (WWF - has given substantial assistance to the Marine Park since 1991.
  • UNICEF has supported improvements in child health:
  • A Norwegian women’s group called Kvinnefronten for many years gave support to the Chole Society for Women’s Economic Development on Chole Island.
  • Medicos del Mundo (Doctors of the World - a Spanish organisation) supports MICAS (Mafia Island Club against AIDS and STIs)
  • CARE has given support to a number of local NGOs, including Kimama (a women's organisation), CHAMAMA (Association for the Development of Mafia Island) and MICAS see
  • Born Free has supported the turtle and dugong conservation programme in the Marine Park (

There are also a number of local NGOs on Mafia Island. In the District Capital Kilindoni these include the following:

  • Kiwanga outside MICAS officeMIDEF (Mafia Island Development Foundation – has built a secondary school in Bweni village in the north of the island, and has plans to build a vocational centre in the south of the island
  • CHAMAMA (Changia ya Maendeleo ya Mafia - Society for the Development of Mafia) which has worked in such areas as environment, income generation, and HIV/'AIDS education. They have received funding from CARE for raising AIDS awareness (see above).
  • MICAS (Mafia Club against AIDS and STIs - sexually transmitted infections). MICAS works in partnership with Medicos del Mundo, and currently has a programme focussing on young people who are not in secondary school. They have a volunteer who works primarily with youth, both in and out of school (see above).
  • Kimama - a women's organisation
  • Tasisi ya Dini - an amalgamation of religious groups, both Christian and Muslim, working towards AIDS awareness

Group of women at a CSWD members' meetingOn Chole Island, there are three local NGOs:

  • The Chole Social Development Society (CSDS)
  • The Chole Economic Development Society (CEDS)
  • The Chole Society for Women's Development (CSWD)

The first two receive some funding from a levy taken from guests who stay at Chole Mjini Hotel, while the last has received funding in the past from the Norwegian women’s organisations Kvinnefronten and Fokus.

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