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Kilindoni, District Capital of Mafia, 1965-2010

Kilindoni is a small market town which also contains the government headquarters (Boma), a court, mosques, church, bank, post office, district hospital, primary and secondary schools, a few small hotels, cafes, airport and harbour. It has grown considerably during the years I have been visiting Mafia, with more shops, a larger market, and (very recently) a refurbishment of the Boma. A number of new NGOs have sprung up and have their offices in Kilindoni. A new harbour is being constructed, as presently there is no deepwater harbour. Unfortunately, apart from a couple of pictures taken in the 1960s, most of my photos of Kilindoni were taken in the new millennium. In 2002 and 2004, I stayed at the small hotel Harbour View, but this had fallen into disuse with the extensive work required around it for the new harbour.



a) Kilindoni harbour

b) Kilindoni scenes

c) NGOs in Kilindoni

d) Harbour View Guest House



a) Harbour

b) Kilindoni scenes

c) District hospital

e) Mafia airport