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Special events, Kanga Village 1965-2010

For this sequence, I have chosen a few special events or new things for each period in the history of Kanga village.


The visit of President Julius Nyerere to Kanga. Nyerere made a point of visiting as many far-flung parts of the country as he could.


The visit of a BBC film crew to film for the series 'Face Values', televised in 1977.


The regular meat auctions to raise money for Kanga to purchase its own lorry so that there would be transport to the district capital


The local council election, held every five years

The visit of a Taarabu musical group from Kilindoni to raise funds to host a potential donor a Dutch NGO. Taarabu is a form of music which is particularly popular in Zanzibar but has now spread all over East Africa

The building of a well by a group of women


The Catholic church in Kanga, erected by migrant Wamakonde, originally from Mozambique

The schools competition organised by the Mafia Island National Park: the first pictures show the heats at Kanga school, the second batch the competition finals in Kilindoni, the district capital.