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Kanga Clinic, 1985-2010

Kanga has had a clinic since my first visit in 1965, but I do not have any pictures from the 1960s or 1970s. It has been re-built several times, including very recently. The staff usually consists of a para-medic, a midwife and an assistant nurse, but in the new millennium, a system of local volunteers was added. People attend the clinic for illnesses, and women go for ante and postnatal checks, and to get contraception (not available until recently at the local level) and to give birth. Babies and toddlers are taken for checks on their well being, including being weighed, and for vaccination. For a short period in the 1990s, the clinic had a paramedic who was trained in dentistry. The main illnesses are malaria, upper-respiratory tract infections, worms, elephantiasis, stomach infections, HIV/AIDS. Health, especially of children, has improved with greater availability of drugs, some improvements in the water supply, and the dissemination of more information about how to avoid illness. However, for more complicated illnesses people still need to go to the district hospital in Kilindoni – 3 hours travel away – or even to Dar es Salaam.