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Activities in Kanga village, 1965-2010

This page shows different activities which have gone on in the village, decade by decade, and also highlights a few changes, such as the immigration of some Makonde people from the mainland who moved into the village in the 1990s, the switch from metal to plastic for household goods. Most recently, there is a single TV, powered by a diesel generator and available for a fee, in the evenings – at least for the men.


keeping cattle, selling snacks, attending a ritual and holding a feast


playing football (at that time in bare feet!), harvesting rice, children pounding rice with a pestle and mortar


Riding a donkey, women’s meeting, cattle corral, plaiting and cutting hair, village shops, village meeting, playing cards


Repairing a fence, attending a hitima (Koranic reading), preparing to pray in a mosque, buying household goods (note that they are now largely plastic), example of improved breed bull (a project which has been sustainable, but only for two families).


Men embroidering kofia, woman preparing raffia strips for sewing into mats, man making raffia rope, playing the popular Swahili board game bao, village well, village tailor sewing, women’s meeting


Men watching World Cup on tv, thanks to generator and satellite dish.

Main changes: A few Makonde from the mainland had moved into the village in the 1990s later to be joined by many more. Household goods were increasingly made of plastic. Most recently, the availability (for a fee) of TV in the evenings – at least for the men.